Board game components

On this page you will find all sorts of options for different components for your board game. If you have ideas that are not listed here, we would love to hear from you and we can look into the possibilities for you!

Wooden components

Wooden pawns

Various colours and shapes available.

Custom pawns

Wooden pawns, designed entirely to your wishes. Different colours available.

Wooden discs

With your own design, various colours available.

Plastic components

Plastic pawns

approx. 25 mm high, various colours available.


Various options available.


Different colours and durations available.

Paper components

Play money

Paper play money with your own custom print.


Tiles of 1.2 mm thick sturdy cardboard. Various shapes available.

Round game board

Smaller round game board with custom design.

Punchboard with pawns

Die cut with your own shapes and printing as desired.

Punchboard with tokens

Filled with round tokens with printing of your choice.

Punchboard with special shapes

Tokens die cut in various shapes, filled in entirely according to your wishes.



Cardboard turntable with your own print with plastic rotating arrow.

Double layer game board

Game board with two layers of cardboard, creating spaces for pawns.

Cloth bag

Optionally with your own print.

Create a

customised game

We will gladly help you design your own game!