Board games

Starting from 250 games

Board games

Boards games bring people together at the table. There is social interaction and fun to be had, and your company or organisation is at the centre of it.

Fortuna can custom-print your board games in print runs of 250 games or more. This could be a personalised Game of the Goose, complemented by question cards if desired. But a completely customised board game with all kinds of different elements is possible as well.

There is a wide choice of game boards and game box sizes. We are happy to help you turn your ideas into a beautiful product.

Board games for companies

Customised company board games are often used as gifts for business relations and employees. Personalise an existing game such as Game of the Goose with your own pictures, or create your own game with references to your company.

Board games as a tool

For training, educational or instructional purposes, board games can be a handy and accessible tool to make certain topics discussable. While playing the game, people come into contact with the topic in a playful way.

Board games for the consumer market

We can also help you produce board games for the consumer market. Do you have an idea and would like to develop it further? We are happy to help you develop your game.

Special parts

To personalise your board game even more, we offer a wide range of game pieces and dice in all kinds of shapes and colours. It is also possible to customise these completely.

Starting from 250 games


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