Planning Poker games

Starting from 75 games

Planning Poker games

Fortuna can make custom-printed planning poker or scrum poker cards for you. This is possible from print runs of 75 decks and up.

The back of the cards can be designed entirely in your corporate branding, with your logo and address information on the cards and packaging. In the box, we will also provide the game rules/ instructions for use.

On the face side, we can print a standard planning poker design or your own, custom-made design. We are happy to help you turn your wishes into a beautiful design.

Planning poker with standard face side

The face side of the planning poker deck can be printed with our standard design. This consists of 55 cards, divided into 4 sets of 13 cards each and complemented by 3 explanation cards. The back, and if necessary the matching packaging, will then feature your own design.

Planning poker with custom design

It is also possible to print the face side of the planning poker game with a design that is entirely your own. This will give you the freedom to completely design the 55 cards to your desired number of sets, values used, and of course your corporate branding.

We are happy to help you turn your wishes into a beautiful design.

Standard neutral planning poker games

Our stock also includes neutral planning poker games. These have a standard planning poker face side and a neutral print on the back and the folded box. The minimum order quantity is 10 games. The neutral planning poker games are €2.95 per game, excluding VAT and excluding shipping costs. Are you interested? Send us an email.

Starting from 75 games

Delivery time 15 workdays

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Standard design in transparant plastic box

Agilar Planning poker

Custom design in transparant plastic box


Custom design in cardboard tuckbox

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We offer a wide range of packaging options for playing cards, quartets games and all other card games.

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