Coaching and conversation cards

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Coaching and conversation cards

Both coaching and conversation cards can be used to trigger changes and insights, individually or within your organisation. They are always custom-made productions, entirely tailored to your wishes in terms of card quantity, card size and matching packaging.

It is possible to include various card sizes or various parts in the set. A booklet or insert could be included too.

We can deliver your custom-printed coaching and conversation cards in print runs of 75 games or more. These can be packaged in a folded cardboard box, with a flap or with a separate lid. Print runs of 500 games or more can be packaged in a sturdy, hard cardboard box with a lid.

We are happy to help you turn your ideas into a beautiful product.

Coaching cards

Coaching cards are used to work individually or in a group on gaining insights and creating changes. This can be done through questions or encouraging statements, or even a complete methodology consisting of different components.

Conversation cards

Conversation cards can be made up of pictures, so-called Association cards, questions, statements or a word. They are a tool for starting conversations within groups or individually. Through talking, insights are shared and processes of change are set in motion.

Starting from 75 items

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We offer a wide range of packaging options for playing cards, quartets games and all other card games.

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