Quartets games

Starting from 75 games

Quartets games

If you create a custom-printed game of quartets, you have the possibility to highlight the various sides of your company or organisation in an original way. This is possible from print runs of 75 decks and up.

By default, a game of quartets consists of 32 or 36 cards, so 8 or 9 quartets. But we can also help you if you want to have more or less cards.
Quartet cards often measure 66 x 100 mm, which is slightly larger than a playing card. But other card sizes are possible too.

Printed quartets cards

Fortuna can advise you on determining the subject, text and images to print the cards with. It is also an option to add educational value to the game, such as background information or technical data. Images could include photos, illustrations or cartoons, for example. Depending on your target audience, the text can be longer or shorter.

Starting from 75 games

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Fort van Hoofddorp 

Packed in cardboard tuckbox with booklet.


Packed in stiff box with top and bottom. 


Packed in deluxe stiff box with plastic interior. 

Packing options

As the box is the first thing people see, it makes a great communication tool.

We offer a wide range of packaging options for playing cards, quartets games and all other card games.

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After all, we start out with blank paper, and we can do whatever you want with that.

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